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How Real Estate Auctions Can Make You More Money

Learn how auctions can give you an advantage in today’s real estate market.

What’s in store …

  • ZDiscover how real estate auctions can be your 'Secret Weapon'
  • ZLearn innovative buying and selling strategies
  • ZFind ways to achieve greater success for your clients
  • ZHow you get paid: Learn about auction compensation

Are you looking for a Competitive Advantage?

In today’s competitive real estate market, you need an edge. Auctions provide buyers and sellers an added opportunity to realize their goals. Auctions provide real estate professionals an opportunity to maximize their revenue and set themselves apart.

In this seminar, H.K. Keller will provide you with valuable insight into the real estate auction process.

Topics we will cover in this two-hour workshop

Preparing Buyers to Buy at Auction

  • ZHow does the buyer navigate the auction process?
  • ZWhat bidding strategies will maximize success?
  • ZHow do auctions provide a competitive advantage?

Preparing Owners to Sell at Auction

  • ZWhat properties are best suited for auctions?
  • ZHow does the process work for the seller?
  • ZWhat is the best way to propose an auction to a client?

Understanding the Auction Process

  • ZHow does the real estate auction process work?
  • ZHow long does the process take from start to finish?
  • ZHow do we select the right auctioneer?

How Realtors® Profit from Auctions

  • ZHow can auctions benefit the real estate professional?
  • ZWhy do savvy real estate pros choose auctions?
  • ZHow does the real estate agent get paid?

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Tim Keller, your host and presenter

Tim Keller is the owner of H.K. Keller, a leading auction company serving Pennsylvania since 1960.  Tim believes in forging partnerships with the local real estate community that create seamless and efficient real estate transactions.