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Are you Looking to Downsize and Move?

H.K. Keller Makes Downsizing Fast and Easy

H.K. Keller provides downsizing services for seniors and their families, helping them simplify their lives as they move into a smaller home or retirement community. Our team assists with decluttering, organizing, packing, and moving to minimize stress and allows families to focus on what matters. We offer customized plans and free consultations.

Simplifying the Downsizing Process for Seniors

Our team of downsizing specialists at H.K. Keller is here to help seniors and their families during a critical and transitional stage of their lives. We assist with the downsizing process, from pre-move preparation to unpacking the last box, and we help simplify the transition into a smaller residence or retirement community with senior care.

Why Downsizing Services for Seniors?

There are many reasons why people choose to downsize, whether it’s because their space is too big, financial situations have changed, or due to health-related concerns. Our team guides seniors through the downsizing and relocating process to make the experience as stress-free and easy as possible. By taking care of all the details, we allow homeowners to focus on the positive aspects of the life change they are making.

Are you Part of the Sandwich Generation?

For adult children caring for children and aging parents, downsizing can be time-consuming and emotionally tiring. At H.K. Keller, our team is here to help, offering support and guidance every step of the way. By trusting us to handle the logistics of the downsizing transition, families can focus on what truly matters.

Customized Caring Transitions

The downsizing and moving process is often emotional for seniors, filled with excitement and uncertainty. Our team at H.K. Keller is here to help, providing customized caring transitions from a current house to a new community home. We offer full management services or just moving and unpacking possessions, tailored to each client’s unique needs.

H.K. Keller Downsizing Services Include

  • ZHelping decide what items to bring to the new space
  • ZManaging unwanted items for auctions, estate sales, donations, or disposal
  • ZCoordinating packing and moving and arranging storage facilities
  • ZStaging furniture for sale in the current home
  • ZDesigning the new living space plan
  • ZCareful packing and moving of heirlooms and valued items
  • ZOrganizing and unpacking at the new residence
  • ZAssisting with transitions in a local community or during a long-distance move

Why Choose H.K. Keller Downsizing Services?

  • ZOur downsizing specialists provide expert guidance and support to help seniors and their families navigate this transitional stage of their lives.
  • ZWe help declutter and organize the belongings to prepare for the move, resulting in a more manageable and organized home.
  • ZWe manage the sale or donation of unneeded items, helping seniors simplify their lives even further.
  • ZWe save seniors and their families time by handling all aspects of the process, freeing up time for other important tasks.
  • ZWe eliminate the stress of downsizing and moving by handling all the details, from pre-move preparation to unpacking the last box.
  • ZWe offer customized plans tailored to each client's unique situation, making the transition smoother and stress-free.
  • ZWe provide peace of mind by handling all the details of the downsizing and moving process, so our clients and their families can focus on what matters most.

Downsizing Packages

H.K. Keller offers three packages to make your transition seamless


  • Free Real Estate Consultation
  • Detailed Timeline
  • Sorting of Personal Property
  • Online Auction of Personal Property


  • Free Real Estate Consultation
  • Detailed Timeline
  • Sorting of Personal Property
  • Online Auction of Personal Property
  • Arrange Donations and Trash Pickup
  • New Floor and Living Space Plan
  • Current Home Staging


  • Free Real Estate Consultation
  • Detailed Timeline
  • Sorting of Personal Property
  • Online Auction of Personal Property
  • Arrange Donations and Trash Pickup
  • New Floor and Living Space Plan
  • Current Home Staging
  • Coordinate Movers
  • Moving Day Coordination
  • Unpack and Set Up at New Residence
  • Pre-Settlement Real Estate Cleaning

“When our mom finally made the decision to move to a retirement community and sell her home, we immediately contacted H.K Keller. Tim and his entire team led us through the process with honesty and compassion. A parent selling their home is never easy. There were many anxious moments, and the team actually served as our emotional support during the entire process. Everyone was so professional, knowledgeable and kind. They understood the many feelings that this stirs up.  Thank you for all you did for us, we will forever be so grateful.”

Diane Black

Frequently Asked Questions

Blank Question

Blank Question

What is a downsizing service?

A downsizing service is a professional service that assists individuals and families in decluttering, organizing, and reducing their possessions when they are moving to a smaller home or senior living community.

What services do downsizing companies offer?

Downsizing companies offer a range of services, including decluttering, organizing, packing, moving, unpacking, and settling into a new home.

How much does a downsizing service cost?

The cost of a downsizing service depends on various factors, including the size of the home, the number of possessions, the services required, and the location. We offer a free consultation where we will discuss your needs and provide a quotation.

How long does downsizing take?

The duration of the downsizing process depends on the size of the home, the number of possessions, and the services required. We will provide an estimated timeline based on your specific situation.

What should I do to prepare for a downsizing service?

To prepare for a downsizing service, creating a list of items you want to keep, donate, or discard is recommended. You may also want to remove any personal or confidential items before the downsizing service arrives.

Blank Question

Blank Question

Do I need to be present during the downsizing process?

It’s not necessary to be present during the entire downsizing process. However, it’s best to be available for consultation and decision-making during critical phases, such as deciding which items to keep or discard.

Will you dispose of unwanted items that are not suitable for sale?

Yes, we can help dispose of unwanted items in an environmentally friendly manner, such as by recycling, donating, or properly disposing of them.

Do you provide storage options?

We can help you arrange storage options, such as short-term or long-term storage units. 

Can you assist with downsizing and moving to a different state?

Yes, we offer long-distance moving options, including moves to different states.

How do you ensure the safety of my possessions?

We take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of your possessions during the move, such as packing items securely, using the proper equipment for lifting and moving, and ensuring that the moving truck is well-maintained and properly loaded.

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