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Are you Responsible for Settling an Estate?

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The responsibility of handling an estate can be overwhelming, not just because of the legal requirements and paperwork but also due to the emotional stress that comes with losing a loved one. As a family-owned company, our goal is to take on the responsibility of selling the estate, providing the support that allows you to focus on what matters most. With decades of experience, H.K. Keller has helped hundreds of families handle estate sales. We work closely with attorneys, trust officers, and other partners involved in the process to make everything run smoothly. 

Are You the Executor of an Estate?

When a loved one passes away, the executor of their estate is often tasked with the responsibility of settling their affairs, including the distribution of their assets. This can be a difficult and overwhelming process, especially if the deceased had real estate or a lot of personal property. H.K. Keller understands the sadness and stress of the situation, and we are here to help.

We have a team of professionals who specialize in valuing and selling a wide range of items, from antiques and collectibles to household items and real estate. They can provide an accurate evaluation of the deceased’s assets, helping the executor determine the best course of action for the distribution or disbursement of the assets.

We can simplify the process of selling real estate and personal property. Our team handles all aspects of the auction, including advertising, staging, and conducting the sale. This can save the executor time and effort, and can also help to maximize the return on the assets being sold.

H.K. Keller brings transparency to the estate settlement process. We will keep detailed records of all transactions, which can help ensure that the assets are distributed fairly and per the deceased’s wishes. This can provide peace of mind for the executor and help to prevent disputes among beneficiaries.

We use a variety of marketing techniques to reach a large audience of potential buyers, which can increase competition and lead to a higher return on the assets being sold.

Are You an Estate Attorney?

Attorneys play a crucial role in the administration of estates, and transferring property and assets. H.K. Keller can streamline the process by managing the cataloging, advertising, and selling of personal property and real estate, freeing the attorney to focus on the legal and administrative aspects of the estate.

Our expertise in pricing and marketing can help maximize the return on assets, benefiting the estate and beneficiaries. We have specialists in various categories, such as antiques, collectibles, fine art, and firearms, offering a valuable resource for estate attorneys to determine the value of these assets. Estate attorneys can save time by relying on us to handle an estate sale’s logistics, including auction setup and management.

H.K. Keller collaborates with estate attorneys, trust officers, and other professionals involved in the estate administration, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Our in-depth knowledge of local markets and current market trends and conditions can be valuable in determining the best course of action for asset sales. We offer increased efficiency, a maximized return on assets, and expertise in specialized assets.

What are the Benefits of Working with H.K. Keller?

  • ZExpertise in Valuation: We have experience and knowledge in valuing personal property, which helps the executor determine the value of the assets they are responsible for distributing.
  • ZFlexibility: We offer a range of auction formats, from live auctions to online-only auctions, giving the seller the flexibility to choose the best option for their property and goals.
  • ZMarketing and Advertising: We have the resources and expertise to advertise and market the auction effectively. We will increase the exposure, attract more bidders, and achieve higher sales prices.
  • ZAuction Site Set-Up: We handle the set-up of the auction site, ensuring that everything is in place and ready for the auction to take place.
  • ZImproved Transparency: Auctions provide a transparent selling process with clear policies and procedures, which builds trust with potential buyers and increases their confidence in the sale.
  • ZTime Savings: Estate auction companies handle all the tasks involved in conducting an auction, freeing up time for the executor to focus on other aspects of the estate.
  • ZIncreased Exposure: We have the resources and network to reach a wider audience, increasing the exposure of the personal property to potential buyers.
  • ZMaximizing Returns: We have experience in selling real estate and personal property and can help the executor maximize returns by achieving the highest possible sales prices.

“I want to thank you for helping us during a difficult time in our lives. We couldn’t have asked for a better, friendlier team to work with. H.K. Keller will always receive our highest recommendation.”

– Wesley Graham

“Mike and his team at H.K. Keller did an amazing job handling my grandfather’s real estate and personal auctions. I am so grateful for the guidance, advice, organization, and diligence to have a very smooth and successful process. ”

– Christine Mark

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