H.K. Keller Downsizing Services makes senior home transitions easy.

Senior Downsizing Specialists handle all the details, from pre-move preparation all the way through unpacking the last box.

Since 1960, the professionals at H.K. Keller have been offering quality real estate services for those looking to sell or purchase a home. But did you know? We also assist seniors and their families in a critical and transitional stage of their lives, helping them minimize their possessions to prepare for a move.  

What are downsizing services for seniors?

Our downsizing services are designed to help seniors simplify their lives as they move into a smaller residence or retirement community with senior care. This can include decluttering and organizing belongings and selling or donating unneeded items. 

There are many reasons people choose to downsize. 

Sometimes their space is just too big with their children now grown. Sometimes financial situations change and selling the home will allow for a better lifestyle. It could also be a health-related concern as couples age, where they need the support of a senior assisted living community.

Our team guides seniors through the downsizing and relocating process to make the packing, moving, and sale of the current home much easier and less stressful. By taking care of all the details, H.K. Keller gives homeowners the opportunity to experience the positive aspects of the life change they are making. 

Helping seniors and their families eliminate stress and focus on what matters.

Are your children part of the 1 in 7 American adults who are part of the “sandwich generation,” caring for children as well as aging parents? Adult children may need to assist older parents moving into a smaller home or apartment with planning, packing up, and downsizing their possessions, as well as moral support. This can be time-consuming and emotionally tiring for both the seniors and their adult children.

Let us walk with you.

H.K. Keller’s team helps seniors and their caretaking children to follow a critical piece of advice from our founder, Harold Keller: “Keep the main thing the main thing.” By trusting the professional staff to handle the many logistics of a downsizing transition, the family can focus on the more important needs of their loved ones.

H.K. Keller provides customized caring transitions for seniors who are downsizing and moving.

This transition is often an emotional experience for seniors, filled with excitement but also feelings of uncertainty. The H.K. Keller Downsizing Services team is ready to help older adults move into their new homes. 

You can alleviate the stress of moving with a customized plan and a Downsizing Specialist who is there to assist with everything from arranging furniture in your new home to ensuring there are grab bars in needed places at assisted living facilities.

Facilitating caring transitions from a current house to a new community home

Customized plans are created for each client, based on their unique situation, and can range from full management services to just moving and unpacking possessions.

Our Downsizing Specialists will customize a solution which may include some or all the steps listed below:

  • Helping seniors decide exactly the right items for the new space
  • Arranging storage facilities, coordinating packing and managing of movers
  • Managing remaining items for live or online auctions, estate sales, donations, or disposal
  • Staging of furniture in the current home for sale
  • Designing new floor plan and living space planning
  • Careful packing and moving heirlooms and valued items
  • New space design and unpacking at new residence
  • Help to manage transitions in a local community or during a long-distance move

Why do seniors and their families rely on H.K. Keller Downsizing Services when they are ready to downsize? 

There are a few common reasons that we hear most often: 

The pain of separation

Most people, quite understandably, have an emotional and nostalgic attachment to their belongings, which can make it difficult to part with items. We walk with you through these decisions so you can be confident that you are making the right choices.

To eliminate the burden on friends and family

Some cannot do the physical work involved, but they are hesitant to burden their family or friends.

A job too big to manage

Others are overwhelmed by the number of belongings accumulated over the years and don’t know where to start. Let us take care of the hard work.

We help you navigate these feelings and guide you through the necessary decisions. We stand in as partners in the process, to create a detailed plan that achieves a stress-free path to the desired result.

Complimentary consultation for families of seniors moving into a smaller home.

H.K. Keller is pleased to offer free consultations for anyone interested in finding out more about downsizing or the sale of an estate’s real and personal property. We offer complete turnkey services and customized plans to match exactly what you need.

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