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Crosstrek to Collectibles: A Diverse Auction of Electronics, Furniture, and More

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  • AUCTION ENDED: Monday, April 24 at 7:00pm
  • hDESCRIPTION: Wide range of items for bidding at this auction, including a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek, brass weights, electronic gadgets, vintage technology, furniture, household items, tools, media, and collectibles. Auction ends on April 24th at 7 pm.


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This auction offers a wide range of items for bidding, with something for everyone. The auction will end on April 24th at 7 pm. For car enthusiasts and adventurers, there is a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek with 6-speed manual transmission. There is Oahu's Harvard Trip Balance, brass weights, and other brass items for collectors of precise measuring equipment and specific collections. The Realistic Stereo Receiver, Technics Turntable, Technics CD Player, and 2 Realistic Speakers make for a great sound system, while the CB Radio, headphones, sweep/marker generator, and Astatic microphone are perfect for those looking for electronic gadgets. For those into vintage technology, there are two Betamax VCRs and a VHS VCR, along with a solid-state tape recorder. The Sony A/V control center, cassette player, turntable, and 2 speakers make for a great entertainment system. There are also various electronic gauges, meters, and more, such as an oscilloscope, TV Isotap, timer, power supply, and more. The auction also includes various furniture pieces, such as a metal shelf and content, 14" Sony TV, and television analyst. A rolling cart with contents and a vintage stool seat, a metal storage shelf, a glass and wood cabinet, a world globe, a stone top and wood stand, a pride lift chair, a floor lamp, and a Sherman glider chair and ottoman are all up for grabs. Technology lovers can also bid on a Samsung 55” TV, Yamaha receiver, Bose home theater speaker system, and more. There are also DVDs, record albums, and assorted CDs for those who love media. The auction also offers various household items, such as a Brother printer, vintage radio, Ambico binoculars, toaster oven, Pyrex bowls, cleaning supplies, and more. Additionally, there is a Hotpoint refrigerator-freezer, an electric pole saw, and a chain saw. Those into woodworking can bid on a wooden crate and contents, a wooden step ladder, a wood potting bench, and more. There are also tools up for grabs, such as the Edison 10" band saw, Sanders, circular saw, electric drill, and more. For collectors, there are stamp collecting books, non-fiction books, and aviation books, among others. There are also board games, model plane parts, framed artwork, and mirror pieces, and much more.