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Downsizing on Coffee Street, Furniture, Tools and More

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  • AUCTION ENDED: Monday, August 28 at 7:00pm

    Don't miss the upcoming online auction ending on August 28 at 7pm, featuring a captivating collection of diverse items that cater to collectors, enthusiasts, and homeowners seeking unique additions. From kitchen essentials like the Haier Standing Fridge/Freezer, Pfaltzgraff Mug, and Vintage Pyrex Butterfly Gold Dish Set, to the Pentax Film Camera with Glass Unit and Binoculars for photography enthusiasts, the offerings cater to various interests. The auction expands beyond with tools like Floor Jacks, Jack Stands, and even outdoor gear like the Fly Fishing Rod and Camping Supplies for adventurous souls. Delve into keepsakes like the Moosehead Cherry China/Keepsake Cabinet, and embrace nostalgia through Vintage Children's Books and timeless pieces like Wooden Dressers, creating a blend of aesthetics and practicality. With its diverse array, this auction promises an exciting journey for collectors and decorators alike, celebrating the spirit of discovery and the chance to unearth hidden treasures.


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Step into the excitement of the this online auction, set to end on August 28 at 7pm, where a remarkable assortment of diverse and captivating items are up for grabs. This event presents an unmissable opportunity for collectors, enthusiasts, and those seeking unique additions to their homes. With an impressive variety of goods, the auction promises something for everyone.

For the kitchen aficionados, there is something for you in this auction. The Haier Standing Fridge/Freezer stands as the centerpiece, surrounded by other kitchen essentials like a Pfaltzgraff Mug, a Toaster, and an Electric Frying Skillet. Complementing these is the timeless LG Microwave and the Vintage Pyrex Butterfly Gold Dish Set, adding a touch of nostalgia to the culinary ensemble. Tupperware and Corningware Casserole Dishes further enrich the culinary offerings.

Venturing beyond the kitchen, the auction unveils an array of remarkable finds. Photography enthusiasts will be captivated by the Pentax Film Camera with Glass Unit and Binoculars, while those desiring to work with their hands will be drawn to the garage filled with many tool for those projects around the house. Floor Jacks, Jack Stands, and more. For those with an inclination towards outdoor activities, the Fly Fishing Rod, Ammo Refilling Supplies, and Camping Gear offer avenues for adventure.

Delve into the keepsakes and treasures held within the Moosehead Cherry China/Keepsake Cabinet and the Pfaltzgraff Filigree China Set, both testaments to elegance and history. Moving into the realm of handmade beauty, the Handmade Quilted Decorative Wall Hangings, Star and Christmas Tree Quilts, and Multi-Colored Patchwork Quilts provide an array of options to adorn your living space with warmth and artistry.

Embrace the allure of nostalgia through the Vintage Children’s Books, Frames, Lamp, and More, reliving the magic of childhood stories. While a Genuine Porcelain Doll and Musical Doll add an air of vintage charm, the Wooden Dresser and Wooden Chest of Drawers provide practicality intertwined with aesthetic appeal.

With such a diverse array of offerings, the upcoming auction ending on August 28 at 7pm is bound to ignite the passions of collectors, decorators, and hobbyists alike. This event embodies the spirit of discovery, promising an exciting journey into a world where cherished items and hidden gems await their new owners.