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Today’s real estate market has an abundance of auction worthy properties, giving Realtors® a pool of untapped opportunities. Most agents tend to default to selling homes through traditional listing strategies, however, selling through auction can, many times, have incredible benefits and bring in higher net values for your clients.

The key is knowing which homes are auction-worthy and will drive a higher return through auction than a traditional listing. That’s where our team of professional real estate auctioneers comes in.

H.K. Keller has been selling homes and personal property through auction since 1960. Today, we recognize the opportunity that our long-standing auction strategies can have across the wider real estate market. We’re partnering with Realtors across multiple brokerage firms throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland regions to get their client’s homes, farms, land and commercial real estate sold with fantastic results while also making sure you get paid your typical commission.

What Makes A Real Estate Property Auction Worthy?

We determine whether a home is suitable for auction based on several factors including age, uniqueness, and location. But in the end, it comes down to our auctioneers knowing the market and trusting their gut. Typically, we can accurately judge the best sales strategy for a home within minutes of walking through the door. And, we have a track record of success that gives us the confidence to make strong recommendations for you and your clients.

A few of the characteristics of a home, property, and homeowner that we evaluate when determining if a property should be sold at auction or as a listing may include:

  • How unique is the home? Are there suitable comps or is the home extremely custom or on a property that’s unlike any other?
  • Has the home been well maintained or is it in need of significant TLC?
  • How quickly does the owner want the home sold?
  • Does it benefit the owner to sell the home ‘as is’?

What Does a Partnership with H.K. Keller Look Like?

Our team can be involved with your client and property as little or as much as you’d like. Some of our Realtor partners use our strategies and services behind the scenes, serving as the sole face of the relationship with their client. Others prefer to position us as a member of their team and ask we attend client meetings. Whatever your need and however you want us to be involved is perfect with us. Our auction method allows for you to get paid your typical commission whether you’re the listing agent, selling agent or simply refer the listing to us.

Contact us today to learn more about how we support Realtors in selling their client’s auction-worthy homes. We look forward to working with you.

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