1943 Signed Letter General George S. Patton Jr. to Stillwell

In a signed letter dated April 14th, 1943 to Theodore Stillwell, Lieutenant General George S. Patton gives thanks for the nice letter on March 20th and replies with the address for U.S. Army General John J. Pershing at Walter Reed Medical Center.

This letter is the response to one of Stillwell’s letters to Patton dated March 20, 1943. It is in the Library of Congress and noted in the dissertation “In need of a hero? The Creation and Use of the Legend of General George S. Patton, Jr” by Nathan C. Jones. Curator, historian, author, and museologist at The General George Patton Museum. Other signed items were sent to Theodore Stillwell.

Mr. Stillwell enjoyed living a “world-wide” life vicariously through writing hundreds of letters throughout the 1940s. His letters afforded him the opportunity to collect an array of autographs, photos, flags, military patches and correspondence. This General George S. Patton Jr. Letter from 1943 is just a small piece of what his incredible collection has to offer!

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